ASCO International Inspection Company is approved by the National Iranian Oil Company and its subsidiary companies and also has a permit and inspection license from the National Standards Organization, the National Center for Accreditation of Iran (NACI), and other relevant organizations. It conducts its inspection activities centrally and specializes in the field of inspection of onshore and offshore drilling rigs, drilling products, and drilling strings as follows:

Drilling rig inspection

Inspection of onshore and offshore drilling rigs will be performed in the following two ways according to the customer’s request:

Inspection according to the instructions of the National Iranian Oil Company

This inspection is carried out under the title COF (Certificate of Fitness) and based on API standards, which is an inspection to ensure the safety and performance of drilling equipment and devices.

Defined as comprehensive assessments by Way of a detailed evaluation of equipment and systems. This inspection will cover an in-depth survey of the state of maintenance of the rig. It includes an inspection of all safety-critical elements of the installation and all equipment that could be anticipated to cause operational downtime when a mechanical failure of that equipment occurs. The inspection includes but is not limited to, the opening of critical equipment for verification that the equipment has been kept in a safe and reliable working condition and includes all major items of equipment to ensure a detailed examination of gear teeth, bearings, chains, and ancillary parts for excessive wear, damage, cracks and other defects and the measurements of clearances. In addition, function testing, pressure testing, load testing, and insulation resistance checks for all critical equipment on board the drilling unit, as applicable, will be conducted accompanied by a check that the proper safety devices are installed and are working correctly to prevent accidents and equipment failures. The analysis of equipment conditions and standards of maintenance is always by API & IADC standards and includes the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Typical work scopes include all the parameters of the rig condition survey with detailed emphasis on:

Function testing, pressure testing, load testing, and insulation resistance checks for all critical equipment (pressure lines included) of the unit. Structural inspection as well as drilling string and Bottom Hole Assembly inspections are carried out only visually unless agreed upon by the parties. Verification of compliance with ISO/API International Standards, Oilfield good practices, and other recognized international codes of practice. Verification of compliance with OPERATORS minimum acceptance standard (i.e. Well Control Policy, BOP, and Tubular requirements) and technical Rig Contract specifications (Personnel qualification requirements included).

Drilling Rig

Inspection according to the ABS Guide for Dropped Object Prevention on offshore units and installations.

The ABS Guide for Dropped Object Prevention for Offshore Units and Installations includes a program of requirements and best practices to protect assets, personnel, and working environments from dropped object incidents.

Therefore, our company can perform an inspection of onshore and offshore drilling rigs based on the instructions of the National Iranian Oil Company and issue a certificate of fitness according to the customer’s request.

Also, ASCO International Inspection Company can take over the joint venture to inspect Dropped Object Prevention on offshore units and installations based on ABS guide.

Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA)

Bottom Hole Assembly (“BHA”) inspection consists of the inspection of drill collars, heavy-weight drill pipe, cross-over subs, stabilizers, reamers, and bit subs. The inspection of bottom hole assemblies includes wet, fluorescent, Magnetic Particle Inspection of threads and upset areas, Visual Inspection of threads for mechanical damage, and over torque. Dimensional check of thread components, field repair as well as thread profile, and lead check of threads. BHA inspection will conform to API RP7, T.H. Hill DS1, or any other standards nominated by the client. Inspection equipment is mobile and inspection can be done at the rig site or the client’s yard. ASCO international can field reface common rotary-shouldered connections if required. Minor damage to the seal area can be removed with Prefacing to set limits. Damage beyond set limits requires shop repair

Drill Pipes

Drill pipe inspection is set at regular intervals depending on drilling conditions and past failures experienced. For Drill Pipes Inspection ASCO international uses New Tech Systems, Electromagnetic Inspection Units (EMI) with wall loss monitor. These Units are capable of inspecting 2 3 / 8″ up to 6 5 / 8″ OD drill pipe. Wall thickness readings are required to be taken, with the use of Ultrasonic Thickness gauges. Values for downgrading pipe due to wall thickness loss are set by the client or inspected to comply with set standards. The set standards will conform to API RP7G, T.H. Hill DS1, or any other standards nominated by the client.

In addition to tubular body inspection, thread inspection is carried out both visually and dimensionally for API and premium connections.

We also offer services, which include Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of drilling rig mast, sub-base, pipe elevators, slips, tongs, sheaves, welded areas of high-pressure lines, and various other hoisting and drilling equipment. Most of the above items are inspected utilizing the A.C. Yoke magnetic flow technique.

Tubing / Casing

ASCO international can perform Visual Inspection of the body (and thread) to identify external damage and full-length drifting of the tubular structures. Additionally, maintenance services, like cleaning, coating, hardness testing, thread-gauging, and ultrasonic wall-thickness measurement are conducted by ASCO international technicians.

Handling & Hoisting Tools Inspection Service

A spectrum of tools including, but not limited to, hooks, traveling blocks, tongs, elevators, links, swivels, and clamps are inspected. Techniques employed include Visual Examination and Magnetic Particle Inspection on critical areas, generating integrated computerized reports.

Drilling product inspection


ASCO International, with a very bright history and a significant number of days in the field of inspecting goods and drilling tools (during construction and after construction) inside and outside the country for oil companies and drilling companies, is always ready to provide these services to its customers.