In our rail and railway inspections department we support rail manufacturers, operators, and authorities with a comprehensive portfolio of inspection, testing, certification, and training services to ensure safe and reliable railway transportation. Our competencies in the conventional, metro, and light rail are backed by expert experience, vast background in rail projects, collaboration with railway authorities, and stakeholders. We can support you with our testing services at every stage of your project lifecycle, helping you avoid costly rework or project delays.

1. Complete rail and railway inspections Services

Complete system services require knowledge of the entire railway system and its subsystems such as infrastructure, rolling stock, signaling, experience in operation, and maintenance. Authorities and train operating companies need to ensure that both traditional and modern technologies are correctly and safely integrated across the complete rail system.

2. Rolling Stock and Component Services

Railway vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and rolling stock operating companies require meeting mandatory, voluntary, and contractual requirements for the construction, commissioning, and operation of rolling stock and components. asco can provide independent, third-party assessment of rolling stock and components to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

3. Railway Signaling Services

Railway signaling services help operators, railway project managers, and manufacturers to ensure that their crucial rail signaling equipment functions safely and reliably. It is essential to ensure that safety, performance, quality, and interoperability objectives are met as cost-efficiently as possible.

4. Rail Infrastructure Services

Railroad safety depends on sound infrastructure and reliable systems. Railway infrastructure services include a comprehensive analysis of your entire rail network to ensure that all infrastructure subsystems like superstructure, earthworks, civil works, tunnels, and E&M (electrical and mechanical systems) meet the requirements of relevant standards and quality.

5. Rail Power Supply Services

Rail power system services support the railway industry with independent verification in optimizing their railway power supply systems to accommodate rising energy demands, ensure constant availability, and meet energy efficiency requirements. Due to growing challenges, aging assets, and complex operating environments, manufacturers also have to ensure that new components and complete systems are designed with reliability, availability, maintainability, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electrical safety in mind.

6. Functional Safety Training

Constantly changing functions in mobile and stationary systems require experts and companies in the rail industry to reach high levels of expertise, particularly with regards to functional safety, to master this complexity.

This can be achieved with our training programs. Our Courses cover overall functional safety according to IEC standard, and other railway specific standards like EN 50126, EN 50159. Our training courses can be customized to your specific needs.

7. Consultation services in the field of education and incidents

we can provide the necessary consultation in the established field of quality assurance systems and staff training and accidental analysis.