1. Final inspection of industrial goods & materials

ASCO provides inspection services for all kinds of materials and goods used in industrial projects by issuing inspection certificates and reports; including the level of compliance of items with international standards or customer requirements. Such inspections happen in factories, sites & ports inside and outside the country.

The scope of inspection activities based on the nature of the project, importance, sensitivity of the equipment, materials, and technical domains; can be classified into the following categories:

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Pre-shipment inspection at the origin
  • Loading supervision
  • Price verification inspection

2. Technical inspection during Manufacturing

In various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, and power plants, purchasing of numerous equipment from different manufacturers are required, that quality of these equipment are very critical in the projects. To ensure the quality, equipment will be inspected from raw materials receiving until the final product inspection at the manufacturer’s location.

Inspections during manufacturing can include: raw materials inspection, visual check, supervision of various stages of construction, monitoring of mechanical and functional tests, NDT inspection, final & packing inspection, and loading supervision.

Some type of items which could be inspected during the manufacturing are as below:

  • Mechanical equipment, such as: Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, boilers, furnaces, storage tanks, industrial pumps, pipes, cranes, turbines, compressors, fiber tanks, industrial machinery
  • Electrical and Instrumentation equipment
  • Coating material and Insulations
  • Steel structure

3. Inspection at operational sites

These inspections are carried out in industrial projects such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant, mining, etc. In this regard, ASCO covers the following items in the operational sites by employing experienced and expert personnel and using the necessary tools and expertise based on the standards and client requirements:

  • Factory construction inspection
  • Inspection during installation of equipment
  • Inspection during operation
  • Inspection during repairs, maintenance & overhauls
  • Inspection of pipelines and piping

4. Weld, NDT, Advanced NDT

ASCO, having qualified personnel and equipment, can provide the following services in various projects:

  • Reviewing and verifying welding procedures (WPS & PQR)
  • Verification of welders’ qualification
  • Conducting non-destructive tests (NDTs)
  • Performing advanced non-destructive testing

5. Expediting services

Expediting is one of the most important activities involved in the successful implementation of projects. It helps that manufacturing process performed as per project plan and also minimizes the delays and costs; caused by the products’ unpreparedness. To monitor and track the progress and control the projects in critical situations, asco international specialists will present at the site to check the progress status based on the project schedule and plan.

6. Technical assessment of manufacturers and suppliers

Clients face the following risks when ordering and purchasing goods and equipment:

  • Inaccessibility of clients to visit foreign factories in person
  • Cultural and linguistic issues in different countries
  • Uncertainty about the quality and production capacity of the foreign manufacturer
  • Costs due to follow-up at the origin until finalizing of purchase contracts

In order to ensure about authenticity and quality of suppliers and manufacturers in the country of origin, asco international has this ability to conduct technical audits at the factories and warehouses at manufacturers and supplier’s locations, by having experienced experts around the world.