asco is strategically positioned to help the companies meet quality, safety, and ethical standards regardless of where they or their customers are located. Our mix of testing, inspection, auditing, and consultancy services is unparalleled in the consumer goods area, making asco the supplier of choice for many associations.
asco inspects products and processes all stages from sourcing factories, through the manufacturing process, to delivery. The goods produced in countries with a lower level of performance require higher safety evaluation. Unsafe and unreliable products can result in injury, death, or property damage besides the costs associated with product recalls compensation claims and damage to a brand’s reputation. asco assures the purchasers of smooth customs clearance while receiving the highest quality of material that meets their requirement and worldwide standards.

agricultural products
Organic and Food
safety Inspections
Oil, Petroleum Products and Petrochemical Products
Petroleum &
Petrochemical Products
commodity inspections
Commodity Inspections
Industrial and project inspections
Industrial & project
Rail and Railway inspections
Rail & Railway transport
systems Inspections
Drilling inspections
Drilling Inspections
 Inspection of compressed natural gas stations
CNG Station Inspections
elevator inspections
Elevator Inspections
Quality Assurance Services
Consultation &
Quality assurance
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