A forklift is a machine with a mast, forks and accessories that is designed and manufactured according to the type of activity for transporting, moving and storing loads in different shapes and capacities and uses fossil fuels, gas or electricity according to the type of work and environment. . Forklifts are an essential part of the modern industrial world, which is a vital tool for us to get things done well and on time. Forklifts have evolved in such a way that we can work and move goods around much more efficiently. A forklift is a device that can carry heavier loads without the risk of overturning compared to some larger scissor lifts. The forklift, known in English as forklift, is made up of the word (FORK) meaning fork, which is like a fork in front of a vehicle that can lower and then lift the goods to take the load out and put it somewhere. No more data transfer and open up or down. While the weight of these loads cannot be too much, it is still in the spotlight to carry heavy packages of bricks to construction sites or boxes in storage. These two places are mentioned only because in fact construction sites and warehouses are places where you will probably see a forklift in use.