asco international is proud to be the sole representative of CERES GmbH in Iran, to carry out the inspection and sampling of agfood production and processing facilities in the region, and be an active organization to spread out awareness about “healthy food” and “certified product” to help improve society’s health.

Department of Agfood production and Processing inspection (AP) of asco intl., with educated and competent inspectors, branches and offices based in Iran and other countries around the world, to reduce service fees compared to other foreign companies, can inspect and certify your products for local and global markets.

Implementation of ‘production standards’ ascertain health for humans, food sources, and eventually the environment. Some of these standards fall into the following categories:

  • Organic
  • Maximum Residue Limits
  • Halal
  • Quality inspections and sampling of foodstuff
  • Good Manufacturing Practice standards