Metal inspections

Due to the wide range of steel imports and exports and the importance of iron and alloying elements in the industry, ensuring the accuracy of the chemical and physical structure of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys is a key factor in the selection and application of these materials.

asco uses an extensive network, specialized forces, cooperation with reputable and approved laboratories, and recognizing the sensitivities of customers about alloys, including chemical properties (percentage of key elements such as carbon, mannequins, chromium, etc.) mechanical properties, (Resistance, increase in solids, hardness, etc.) and metallurgy is ready to provide services.

  • Supplementary coating tests for other metal materials such as tin-plated and zinc-coated sheets.
  • Dimensional inspection of goods such as thickness, length, and width of sheets, rebar, and other metal products.

All the steps above are to be done in the presence of the inspector. The inspection report result must be presented to the customer to be informed of the status of their goods to make the necessary decisions before loading.

Mineral inspections

The scope of inspection specified in this group of materials is, measuring the amount of moisture, grain size, and percentage of elements.

asco international’s mineral inspection department has been able to satisfy countless customers domestically and abroad by inspecting a large volume of various minerals with experienced personnel, experienced inspectors, and using the network of certified laboratories.

Most of these materials are:

  • Metal ore: Iron ore, chromium, manganese, and chromite.
  • Coal and coke.
  • Iron and non-ferrous concentrate
  • Cement, decorative iron ore, Clinker, salt, gypsum, and building materials

The issued inspection report with the test results is a valid certificate that confirms quality; In such cases, the inspection report will be an export certificate.

Other inspections

Price verification inspection

Due to sanctions and the impossibility of inquiring prices, especially in the case of sensitive goods imported by complex methods and many trans-shipments, the need for transparency in the true price of goods (which varies with the value of goods) is felt more than in the past.

One of the services provided to banks and importers of goods is verifying the price of goods to receive bank documents.

Also, verifying the price of goods is needed for insurance of imported goods, which requires special standards for transportation, loading, and unloading and includes many damages.

Container inspections

One of the services in this field is container inspection before stuffing and ensuring the standardization of containers.