CNG stations standardization has been qualified by the National Accreditation Center of Iran(NACI) since 2017.
asco’s inspectors & experts annually inspect the CNG Stations intend to minimize CNG station risks when used by CNG car owners and fulfilling the needs of safety for Stations Staffs. While reaching safety enhancement, high productivity, and efficiency, considering CNG station features such as the usage of equipment, piping, connection, and instrument with working pressure up to 300 bars, using a variety of explosion-proof equipment with different degrees of protection such as d, e, m, o, p, q & n, risks, reaching the Autoignition temperature in some equipment, and the variety of equipment brands with different Asian, European, and American brands.
Lastly, the inspection result categorizes high risk, medium risk, and low-risk items by filling the Iran National Standard Organizations checklist and informing CNG station owners. According to the degree of HAZARDs (Low, Medium & High) items determined in this checklist, the owners have time to fix the non-conformities based on the risk level. Station owners are obligated to correct the non-conformities otherwise; the station will shut down according to the standard organization procedures in coordination with the national Iranian gas company (NIGC).
The national standards used in CNG Stations inspections are INSO7829 and INSO12054. Also, CNG Station equipment inspections use standards, such as NEC, IEC, EN, DIN, ISO, API, ASME, ASTM, and other international standards.

A summary of inspection activities is in the following:

• Equipment inspection
• Checking the technical performance of CNG Station’s main equipment, including compressors, dryers, gas storage systems, dispensers, electrical panels, Control Panel PLCs, and equipment piping.
• Checking and ensuring healthy parts installation, with a valid certificate and appropriate quality, produced by reputable companies
• Examining the process of periodic and monitoring controls performed by the stationer to service and maintain the equipment
• Inspection of emergency systems & F & G systems of stations
• Station control systems inspection
• Explosion-proof equipment by Hazard Zone Inspections
• Measuring and checking vibration of CNG Compressor
• Monitoring and inspecting station operator certification & maintenance companies credit by NIOC vendor list
• Earthing system and lightning arrestor of station inspections
• Equipment deployment by standards inspections

Inspection & Monitoring of Seamless Cylinder Storage

• Visual inspection of seamless cylinders
• Monitoring testing & inspecting cylinders in an accredited laboratory
• Monitoring NDT of cylinders in an accredited laboratory
• Cylinder valves inspections
• Priority Panel of CNG storage inspections